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About The Ka'u Hospital Charitable Foundation: A Story of Generosity

The Ka'u Hospital Charitable Foundation (KHCF) is a public charity under the 501 (c)(3). Operations  commenced in March 1999. Our Foundation exists to raise funds for the benefit of the Ka'u Hospital in order to supplement  the financial resources available through its own revenue which comes from income, shared resources, other Hawaiian Health Systems  Corporation (HHSC) facilities and any monies granted by the state. Funds raised are used to enhance the quality of care provided at Ka'u Hospital through improvements in facility medical equipment and training of staff. 



















The district of Ka'u  has a strong  Hawaiian culture. In this area the authentic wealth and strengths are not the results of economic advantages, but more importantly, they rises from the culture of caring and generosity. It is the spirit of generosity and caring that has enabled our foundation to raise enough funds for the upgrades of our hospital in multiple ways.

Kau Hospital Blessing after renovations

            OUR HOSPITAL


Ka'u Hospital was built in 1971 to replace one of the last plantation hospitals in the state. The hospital has grown to a 21-bed facility providing acute, rehabilitation, and long term care for the people of Ka'u. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have an Emergency Department as well as a primary care clinic with X- ray and laboratory services on site. One stop care for your needs. This is the only hospital to service an area larger than the entire county of Oahu.  The nearest medical center is over 50 miles away. We are  a critical Access Hospital.

               OUR FOUNDATION


Our foundation is comprised of committed volunteers that serve on our board not only to raised funds for the hospital, but also to give voice to the health care needs of the people of Ka'u. Every effort is made to reach out to the people who are or have been in the hospital to discuss their experience and what  can be done to improve services.  Our close relationship with our hospital staff enables us to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can best assist in fulfilling our mission.  We base our fund raising targets on the needs identified by both the hospital and the community.

Making it better day by day!
Your safe
Mahalo: Kau's successful programs


“Over a ten year period of time, achieved primarily through bake and craft sales, quilt sales, golf tournaments, and spaghetti dinners, we raised enough money to transform the emergency department into a 5 bed modern ER, with:

  • New emergency room exam lights

  • 4 cardiac/physiological monitors

  • New Gurny

  • Pediatric code cart

  • Ventilator

  • State of the Art Defibrillator




             Current Goals:

The Foundation is currently working on enabling the hospital to install a telemetry system to update and link up the cardiac monitors what we already have  to a central monitoring unit at the nurses station. This would allow us to keep a watchful eye on patients with unstable or uncertain cardiac conditions and therefor reduce the need to transfer patients out of the area to a larger hospital where they may be far from the support of family and friends.

Kau Ventilator 6.14.12_3.JPG


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