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Ways to give

Sometimes, when you would like to show someone how much you care, it can be difficult to find the right gift to express your feelings. Consider giving a commemorative gift.  This gift doesn't come in a box and it isn't tied with a ribbon.  It is a gift from the heart.


Your gift from the heart, supports KHCF and our mission to improve community health thru exceptional and compassionate care, that is patient centered and culturally appropriate.  We focus on the greatest patient satisfaction powered by respect, mindfulness, integrity and trust. The gifts may be given in honor of living persons, remembering those who have passed away, or celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, or special holiday.





Your gift is a thoughtful way to remember your family and friends. It also offers help and hope to others in our community.

                               Gifts from the heart are appropriate for many occasions:

                        In memory of a relative, friend, neighbor, business

                                       associate or special person

  • Your gift in memory of a loved one is a lasting memorial. At a time of sadness, it is a way to show love and respect, and offer hope for the future.  Your memorial gift is a meaningful remembrance. You can invite others to give by including these words in your obituary.  "Memorial contributions may be made to Ka'u Hospital Charitable Foundation."

                       To honor a birthday, anniversary, birth of a child

                                     graduation, or other occasions

  • Finding a meaningful gift to recognize a loved ones accomplishments can be challenging. At times of joy and happiness, your gift to KHCF is a wonderful tribute to a loved one's achievements, whether it be a new job, birthday, anniversary, or some other milestone.

                                           To send get well wishes

  • Cards and flowers are always appreciated. A gift to the Foundation can mean more- it helps to provide the quality of care that make your get well wishes come true.

                                           To say "thank you"

  • Many of our patients and their families feel a special gratitude for the care received at Ka'u Hospital.  Your gift to the foundation is a wonderful way to say thank you to all the doctors, nurses, other staff, and volunteers, while honoring the work they do.


Recognizing Your gift:

The Ka'u Foundation will send an acknowledgement to both you and the person commemorated by your gift from the heart.  

There are many ways to give from the heart:

This is our home- We are the people of Ka'u.  Together, thru many blessings we  accomplish much!

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