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Grant Money at work: Thank you Monty Richards Hawaii Community Award

Before 2014, Ka'u Hospital had to send community residents to Hilo Medical Center for physical therapy, or at times stay off island  until rehabilitation was completed.

In 2014 The Hospital received an award from the Monty Richards Hawaii Island Community that enables the hospital to purchase equipment to provide inpatient rehabilitation services. Now patients can remain in Ka'u and receive therapy Services close to home where friends and family can partner in their healing.

Pediatric Scale:

Ka'u Hospital is a "safety Net" in an area larger than the size of Oahu, and is the only provider of emergency services. This Pediatric Scale, gets the accurate readings we need for our  youngest, most  precious and squirmiest patients.

Pediatric Code Cart:

Nothing is more frightening and stressful than our young ones in trouble.

When a life threatening event happens, we are ready and able to help you and your family during your crisis.  Supplies and skilled staff at your service.

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