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                  Methods for Giving

                                                                           Gifts of Cash:

  Gifts of Cash are as easy as writing a check.  You may drop off or mail your gift to the Foundation at 1 Kamani Street, Pahala Hi

                                                                 Honor or Memorial Gifts: 

Sometimes, when you want to show someone how much you care, it can be difficult to find the right gift to express your feelings. Consider giving a commemorative gift. This gift does not come in a box, and is not tied in a ribbon.

                                                           Gifts of Appreciated Securities:.

Giving appreciated Stocks is an excellent way to support the hospital's program.  This type of gift usually qualifies not only for income tax deduction associated with charitable gifts, but can also eliminated capital gain taxes


Naming the K'au Hospital Charitable Foundation Pahala HI 96777 in your will may enable you to make a significant contribution that may not be possible during your lifetime.

                                                                    Life Insurance Gifts: 

An often overlooked asset that can be used to fund a gift is life insurance.  You can name the foundation if a policy that is not longer needed for its original purpose or you can buy a new policy naming the foundation as beneficiary.

                                                                            Real Estate:

An outright gift of real estate may help you avoid capital gains tax while giving you  a charitable tax deduction.

                                                             Tax-deferred income from IRA's

For those who are over 70 1/2 years of age, you know how important is it to  take you annual withdrawals from your account.  The penalty for skipping is 50% of the amount  that should have been withdrawn. If you looking for an effective way to avoid the income tax on your withdrawal, and feel a compelling desire to help our community consider being a part of this wonderful life supporting legacy,

For more information, you may contact 

your tax professional, lawyer or accountant for expert advice.

Your generous donation  will contribute to the enduring achievements for our commitment: enhancing our community to higher levels of healthcare services. We are honored to serve you.

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