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 The hospital is a 21 bed facility, 16 beds are long term care, and 5 beds are acute care. The emergency room is open 24/7 and has 4 beds.  Ka'u Hospital has been designated as a critical access hospital. This designation helps small hospitals to provide essential emergency and acute care in  remotes area. This is to help with the financial responsibilities associated with large area of land  and the small population density of Ka'u.  Even so, the Ka'u Hospital strives to meet its mandate to provide the people of Ka'u with access to quality care. We are currently looking to install a telemetry unit and link the cardiac monitors we already have to a central monitoring station  to keep a watchful eye on patients.


The Kau Hospital Foundation is currently seeking funds to purchase a Philips IntelleVue

Information Center.  This is a real time central monitoring system for our cardiac monitors.  Nurses will be able to monitor the cardiac  status of patience while performing other duties. In the event of changes in the patients cardiac status, the nurses can respond quickly. This means high quality,health-care to our patients. The patience can remain in the hospital and be monitored by nurses and off site cardiac specialist.

The biggest benefit may well be that patient remains in the Ka'u Hospital for monitoring, rather than being transferred to another facility reducing social dislocation, and stay around family and friends

Spirometer  for measuring lung function


Ka'u Hospital is the hospital closest to Volcano National Park. Being so close to the volcano put us a high risk for  increase of  VOG,  Sulfer Dioxide and Valcanic Ash in the air,  has contributed to this situation and this can cause respiration problems for  in the for the very young, the old and those with compromised respiration systems.

This device  is used to assess lung function.  It basically measures now much air you breath in and out, and how quickly you do it. 



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